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Our  Model

Our aim is to provide charitable resources to build the agricultural infrastructure needed to produce food in developing countries. Our primary objective is to ensure children living in orphanages have a sustainable source of nourishment. Secondarily our working farms will function as a hands on classroom, providing education and training to underprivileged youth. Income generated through the sale of agricultural products to the local community will go back into the farm and school.

​​Learn how we're helping feed and educate the most disadvantaged children around the world.

​​​​Striving to break the cycle of hunger, malnutrition, and poverty while enabling orphans to become productive and valued members of their community. 

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Access to education is a basic human right. It reduces poverty and child labor and offers the tools needed to succeed in life. Our working farms will function to provide educational resources and vocational training to underprivileged youth in environmentally sound agricultural practices. Our goal is to provide disadvantaged youth with the tools they need to achieve self-sufficiency as adults and become productive and valued members of their community.
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Malnutrition is a devastating crisis that has over 1 billion people in its grips. ​It is the results of a diet lacking in macronutrients (i.e. protein, fat, carbohydrates) and/or micronutrients (i.e. vitamins and minerals).  Nutrient deficiencies can have major short-term and long-term implications in children including impaired immune function and increased susceptibility to infections, and growth and cognitive delays. Our goal is to provide a reliable source of nutrient rich foods to children living in orphanages thereby reducing the prevalence of malnutrition.

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